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Every ride with Amanda, there is something to be learned. I learn when I ride with her and when I watch her teach others. She is able to speak to each rider in a personalized way and seems to understand when we understand and when we don’t. I have so much fun with her when I ride and at the same time, feel like I’m a better rider after. She makes riding fun on the good days and the bad days, the cold days and the perfect days. I also have the good fortune of her training my horse as well and I’m certain he would say the same things! ~TRACY D. ARNELL

I have had trainers in my life who have taught me many things, some more than others but all have had the intention to make me a better rider. Amanda Rossiter, however, has not only done that but she also has made my horses better horses. Riding is a relationship between the rider and the horse. Without a great relationship with your horse you just have a person sitting on an animal going in a forward motion. It takes a special person to understand this relationship and transfer her knowledge to her students. Amanda possesses the ability to make the rider and horse become one. She is patient and most of all listens to the rider when they are struggling. She will always finds another way to get through it. She doesn't abandon the issue she just finds another way. I look forward to every lesson and never want my lessons to end. She works 6 days a week and I can HONESTLY say I have never heard her complain once about her long days and long hours. She truly loves her job and loves every horse and rider in her barn. She has created a family, a family of people who encourage each other to be the best they can be! There is never a bad day at SOUND LANE DRESSAGE. It is our home away from is where our horses call home. ~KAREN GALLO

To observe Amanda Rossiter is to evoke the ancient horse whisperers of Ireland:"The effectiveness of their methods was renowned... anyone who had an unruly horse could send for a whisperer and the horse would take to heart what was said and reform him/her belabor from that day forth!" Thus Amanda is more that a teacher and trainer, she is an inspiration to both riders and horse alike. ~ISABEL MELTZER

Amanda Rossiter is a gifted, creative and intuitive teacher. She has high expectations for all of her students and the knowledge and passion to help us meet them. Amanda builds teams...of horses and riders and of all of us here at Sound Lane Dressage.As a retired teacher I appreciate Amanda's continuing search for a different or better way to communicate concepts to both horses and riders. Training with Amanda Rossiter is a gift and a privilege. I have been inspired and coached to achieving more than I ever thought possible. ~CYNTHIA CORSO

Amanda embodies change. Through consistent and positive feedback and encouragement she has retrained both my riding ability and my attitude. I have gained tremendous confidence and have newfound joy in my riding. Amanda’s easy going friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere for both the rider and the horse. Her lessons are challenging, creative and goal-oriented. She motivates the rider to push past their perceived limits. Her natural “feel” for just what a horse needs is amazing. We are all so grateful to have both Amanda and Sound Lane Dressage in our lives. ~SUE FLATLEY

Amanda has a special ability to spark a fire in people and horses! She injects them with fun and inspiration. Amanda is fully present, full of life, and her expert finesse is a unique combination of great training and intuition. She knows how to create a path of success and fun for each being! ~MARI FAUCHER

I've been a dressage rider for several years, and Amanda Rossiter is by far the most gifted trainer I've ever had. She works with every horse and rider according to their individual needs and goals, and her lessons are both fun and challenging. ~ELLEN

When it comes to  training and instructions, Amanda is the "real deal". I feel very lucky to be able to ride with her. I came to Amanda because I had "lost" my connection with my beautiful paint warmblood Bella.  Due to a number of factors, I was easily able to apply Amanda techniques and gain a total new and stronger connection with my horse. She is back to being a perfect companion and my best friend. I plan on continuing to work with Amanda to strengthen that bond through very valuable lessons. Thank you Amanda, so much, for helping me once again appreciate and bond with my horse.  I am grateful to once again enjoy my time with my horse. Amanda has essentially changed my riding to the fact that I can start showing dressage again and really enjoy it.  

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. ~MARY LEHN and Bella

The best trainer and teacher!! Amanda has a magic touch with horses; that is how you feel all the time when you are around her. She makes you wonder how she could transform even a “stubborn donkey” into a wonderful horse. Horses truly change when she rides them. Her expertise and her knowledge of the horse mechanics and behaviors are solid and simply amazing! Moreover, a lesson with her is always fun (and always on time!). I like her dedication to the job, her straight attitude and open personality. I came to SLD in October 2016 with a horse that was barely manageable on the ground, not standing at the mounting block, difficult to ride and with an undefined issue with the right lead canter. I was brought too many times in the previous 3 years I owed my gypsy horse to think it was a problem with the horse personality and conformation. I will always thank Amanda to put me and Gatsby on the right track. With her help, in 6 months I could finally enjoy riding my horse and he loves to learn new exercises. I see him engaged with his training and that makes me happy. I also discovered he had no issue at all: just a couple of days ago Amanda told me that Gatsby has potentially no limits she can see in the dressage path. This was for me the best thing she could tell me! In less than a year, we are now on a clear path to achieve our dreams, and this says a lot about how much a good trainer is important. Thank you Amanda! ~ALESSANDRA COLLI and Gatsby

January 2016 is my one year Anniversary owning my new horse Ferrari, and also joining SLD. Being at a new place with a new horse has been so much more than I ever expected. Amanda’s lessons & training have been so supportive, encouraging and her patience and ability have resulted in enjoying such an awesome partnership with my horse. Amanda always finds a way to help me and my fellow riders improve our skills, have fun and continue to reach for higher goals. So grateful for Amanda and our great group of riders and everyone that makes SLD such a special place. ~JILL GENTRY

There was once a Jumper named Casper who no one thought could be a happy Dressage horse. Thanks to Amanda and her hard work, love, patience and true dedication he has far exceeded our expectations. Amanda has the incredibly rare ability to tune into each horse, figure out what their needs are mentally and physically and helps them become better versions of themselves. She tirelessly encourages horse and rider to take on any challenge she puts in front of them. I admire her selfless commitment to her horses and students. I am forever grateful for what Amanda has done for not only me, but for my daughter and of course our Casper!!~JENN

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