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Amanda Rossiter took her first horse lesson on “Nubbins” an appaloosa at 2 years old and was immediately hooked for life. She continued to ride and take dressage lessons locally in Massachusetts throughout her childhood. Rossiter went on to earn a degree in Equine Business management from Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island. While attending college, she rode and competed in Dressage on the school team with coach Diane Catanzaro.

Catanzaro was an inspiration and driving force in helping Rossiter develop as a rider and professional equestrian. Furthermore, she facilitated Rossiter in getting her school master, a beautiful Holsteiner named “Roquefort”.After college, Rossiter began riding as a working student at Woodwind Farm with Catanzaro and Michael Poulin where she further expanded her riding and show experience.

After graduating, Rossiter, was taken on full time for the following four years as Catanzaro's assistant at her private barn "Woodwind Farm". It was here where she began developing her skills as a trainer. Catanzaro continues to be a light and role model in Rossiter's life. At 27, Rossiter received the amazing opportunity to join “The World Famous Lippizaner Stallion Show”.

She worked and traveled for the show for the next 11 years. For 4 of those years she was the Head Rider, and then one of 3 main trainers at the home base.

During these years, Rossiter built connections with a multitude of riders, as well as worked with Michael Poulin twice a week with her stallions in training at his farm in De Leon Springs, Florida. Rossiter had many, once in a lifetime experiences, including meeting Princess Anne, performing on the Martha Stewart Show and performing in Madison Square Garden. At the conclusion of this incredible life period, Rossiter took the position of Assistant Trainer at Shinto Farm in CT, owned by Trish Hellmer and Michelle Dineen.

After several years in this position, Rossiter felt an old passion to take on more as an equestrian and trainer. So, she began her venture to open her own dressage training facility in Long Island NY, where she would have the ability to create all her own rules. This dream has manifested in Sound Lane Dressage where Rossiter takes good classical Dressage training back to its wholesome roots, without all the excessive pomp and circumstance that has come to accompany Dressage and very often limit it. She strives to create a community of people who all have this common love of horses that has brought them together. A community that fosters growth, happiness, and success in all horses and riders.

In training, Rossiter takes a very holistic approach, in that she takes the time to truly understand the unique needs of each horse and rider. By taking both partners in the team into account, she leaves no leaf unturned in getting the pair what they want out of their Dressage practice. Though Dressage is her formal area of training expertise, it is horses and riders who are at the center of her passion. Therefore, she is not just a Dressage trainer but a true horseman deeply connected to the relationship between man and horse... regardless of discipline.


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